5. You Used To.

‘Ello. ❤
Some We ❤ Roleplay and a little Fantasy Gacha Carnival for you all!


For my Gorean readers, my new favorite weapons store, Equinox, recently released a shield with a pretty cool and unique feature: as you take GM damage in a melee bout and your defense drops, your shield shows it, as pictured below!

As you can see, the shield in the original picture appears perfect and in tact, as my defense was at 100%. Though as you are attacked and your defense drops, regardless of if you manage to shield the hit or not, your shield shows the wear and tear of your melee battle. And, as your defense recovers (unless you are very unfortunately downed), your shield repairs itself! (Note: An updated version of the shield also shows damage done to the metal.)

As always, click through for the details of what I’m wearing and the corresponding SLURLs. ❤

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